I offer a number of services tailored to provide the best care possible for your animals. To minimise the stress on your animals, I provide highly individualised care, following your routines and specifications. If I am caring for your animals whilst you are away, I will keep in regular contact to reassure you that your pets are happy and safe.


Dog Walking

I walk your dogs as per your usual routine, following your routes and individual needs. I only walk one family of dogs at a time, to give your animals my complete attention and care.


Pet Minding

I will visit your home to walk, feed, and care for your animals. I spend 25-35 minutes with your pets, either once or twice a day, as per your requirements. I also include a number of services listed below.


Pet/House Sitting

I will stay in your home, caring for your pets and house as you do whilst you are away. Though I cannot guarantee a constant presence, I will try and be there for your pets as much as possible, and will ensure I am there for your normal feed and walk times. I also include a number of services listed below.


Minding and Sitting Inclusions - available upon request

Clean freshwater each day/visit

Normal food  and feeding routines

Toileting and Poop Scoop

Medication Administration - see below for more information



Litter/Cage Cleaning 

Cuddling, petting and love

Water plants

Collect mail/packages

Put out/bring in bins 

If there is something else you require that isn't listed here, please feel free to ask.



Though I am not trained in administering medication, I do have experience. I am able to confidently administer tablets and oral liquids, creams, eye treatments, and change any dressing. I am unable give injections. If your pet has been ill or injured, I will give it special attention, care and love to ensure continued recovery. If your pet becomes ill whilst you are away, I will contact you or your emergency contact and get the necessary veterinary care it requires.



As my services are tailored to suit you and your pet's individual needs, please contact me with your requirements. All fees are individually quoted.

Loving your pets the way you do...