We have a great love for all animals - their health and happiness is our paramount concern. Any animal left in our care will be well loved and cared for. We are meticulous in learning the routines and individual needs of your pet so we can care for them just as you do.



Jess is a part-time student, and a full-time animal-lover. She has three dogs, Bobby 18, Lucy 12, Muffin 13, and a horse called Isabelle. Animals have always been a big part of herlife and for the past 8 years she has also cared for the animals of friends and relatives. She has experience caring for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, mice, fish and horses.

Jess began this business in response to her family's frustration at the lack of professional pet sitters to care for their own animals whilst they were away. Whilst kennel boarding is fine for some animals, it isn't for others, and for the needs of their animals it was unacceptable. It is her privilege to provide an in-home pet care service for your animals. For those wishing to save their pets the stress of unfamiliar surroundings and routines, she is here to treat your animals as individuals and cater to their individual needs. By reducing the anxiety of both your pets and yourself, a more enjoyable time is had by all.

Jess has experience administering medicines; Bobby, her18 year old West Highland Terrier X, has many health problems, including allergies, eye problems, liver problems and dementia.



Austin has recently joined the business, however has had extensive experience caring for a wide range of animals. He has been involved in fostering and training Guide Dog puppies, and used to volunteer at the Australian Reptile Park.





We are insured through MGA Insurance Brokers.


Loving your pets the way you do...