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Jess was amazing she has taken care and loved my kelpie, Suni, as her own. On numerous holidays and weekends I've been away she has cared for Suni with feeds and daily walks. I respect the care Jess has for animals. It's nice to know the security and well-being of your own pet when your away. Jess is polite and trusting.
Thanks from Suni and Matt!

 - Matt, Hornsby Heights


Jess has been an absolute angel with my new pup! She has been nurturing, gentle and knowledgeable in working with Simba, both on walks and at home in the evenings. I know I can rely on Jess and wouldn't consider asking anyone else to mind Simba when I'm away.

- Dianne H, Hornsby


Jess is amazing! She has a natural affinity for animals that is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and she is flexible and able to adapt to any schedule. My two dogs Seraph and Zola are my babies and I am completely comfortable leaving them in Jess's care, for a walk, a play date or a weekend of house-sitting. I cannot recommend Jess highly enough!

 - Nadine H, Wahroonga


Jess did an amazing job looking after our two cats. She offers comfort to those of us who get nervous about leaving our pets for extended periods. When she came to see us after we got home, we could see how much the boys had enjoyed her visits and came running up to her. She is so attentive and even noticed when our other sitter wasn't doing her job properly. I would highly recommend Jess for all your pet caring needs!

- Tory D, Berowra

Dear Jess,

We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us whilst we were away in the UK for 3 weeks.
This will probably be the worse time you will ever encounter in your profession as a Animal and House Minder. With Zahla eating pieces of rubber/plastic that got caught in her bowel the week before we left and having to have major surgery really put me into a spin.  To have to leave her a few days post operative was tearing my heart away from the usual excitement of having a holiday overseas.  I wanted to pull out of the holiday arrangements, but knew I could not afford to do this and also if I didn't do it now I would never do it.
I was also suffering before this and worrying because I am not a good flyer and I get very nervous even on short flights.  How you put up with me, I don't know.  I was a nervous wreck sending you all those messages and leaving lots of notes for you.  I could not even read or understand them when I left.  Goodness knows how you did. 
Your quiet lovely reassuring manner gave me confidence that with Ursula on call should you need her, that you could cope with a post operative Samoyed and one little 14 year old, nearly blind and fretting Larso Apso/Shitsu cross.  I prayed that God would look after you and the dogs and that we would have a safe holiday.
I felt very confident on the day we left and all through our holiday, that the best person was looking after our home and dogs.
When we came back we could see that you had done a fantastic job of not only minding the dogs, but vacuuming and washing the floors.  You even washed your sheets and the kitchen was so tidy.  I was expecting to come home and clean the house.  Instead I just put my feet up and cuddled the dogs most of the day.
Jess, both Peter and I are very grateful to you for minding the dogs like they were yours and for your quiet confidence and reassurance that you gave to me before we went.  We are looking forward to seeing you in October when we go to Adelaide for a wedding.
I will certainly recommend you to anyone and I did that just yesterday to a lady in Coles Supermarket who has a Golden Retriever called Maggie.
Thank you again Jess.   

- Jennie & Peter B, Berowra


It's been so easy leaving our pets at home when we go away knowing Jess will care for their every need. Jess is highly attentive to our 2 cats and dog and her sincere affinity with animals is evident. Jess has stayed overnight in our home when our dog Bear was a puppy to make sure he had company and the house was spotless when we returned with notes about each pet for ease of transition. Jess shows maturity beyond her years and we have no hesitation leaving our pets in her care knowing they will be well taken care of and remain happy and healthy whilst we are away and upon our return. My experience knowing Jess over the past 7 years can confirm that she is a reliable, confident, capable young woman of outstanding character.

- Cheryl K, Mt Colah


Jess gets a 10 out of 10 for her care and diligence in looking after our two young puppies. She was in contact on a regular basis and was most understanding of the special needs required. We will be happy to have her look after our pets anytime.

- David S, Pymble


Jessica has been helping us to look after our Jack Russells, Pellie and Lou for many years. She is very reliable, trustworthy and caring of our family pets. It has certainly taken the worry out of going on holidays. Jessica has helped us in the short term - one or two days - and longer term - up to three weeks. I think our dogs were very sorry to see us come home from holidays in fact! (And I think Jessica might have been too). I strongly recommend Jessica to anyone thinking of using her services.

- Rebecca H, Berowra Heights


TEN out of TEN recommendation. Jess is amazing at creating love and nurture and minimising the impact of your absence. She really cares! 3 budgies and 1 princess Cavalier - 2 weeks in Jess' capable hands, everyone happy! Upon my return from 2 weeks away, I not only received a full rundown of routines and how my instructions were carried out, Jess also shared many anecdotes about their time together, which showed me that Jess did so much more than routinely 'tick the boxes'; she was a friend. Leaving precious pets behind on a holiday can be a daunting experience; not least for the animals left behind, anxiously wondering where and why their family has gone. Jessica is a sensible, mature and intelligent young woman who just loves animals. I have every confidence in her services.

- Francesca L, Berowra